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Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco (KUDS) promotes investments and savings culture among Kenyans residing in the United States of America, so that they can have a reliable and organized way to invest, access to affordable credit, carry out projects, build businesses, or meet personal and family needs in Kenya.

The Sacco is run by a Board of nine members, who are in charge of policy formulation and strategic leadership. Further, the Board has oversight over the Sacco Secretariat led by the General Manager, which is charged with the day to day Sacco operations. The Supervisory Committee, which has oversight over the Board, is made up of three members who report directly to the Sacco Annual General Meeting (AGM). Both the Board and Supervisory Committee members are elected at the AGM for a three year term though they are still eligible for re-election on expiry of the three year term.

The Vetting and Nomination Committee will be responsible for independently vetting Board and Supervisory committee candidates and making recommendations on suitable candidates to the AGM. The purpose of vetting candidates is to ensure that only credible and competent candidates are elected to the board and supervisory committee. It also ensures that Sacco gets high caliber board members with integrity and who have the best interest of the Sacco and members at heart.


The Vetting and Nomination Committee is thus seeking applications from interested members who would wish to join the Sacco Board (3 positions) or Supervisory Committee (1 position). Interested members should complete the below Nomination Form, attach a current copy of a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume and send it to the Vetting and Nomination Committee at the below email address. Once all the applications are received, they will be processed and feedback provided to all applicants.

Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco Nomination Form

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. One must be an active member with consistent deposit contributions for the last one year prior to the AGM.
  2. One must demonstrate clear knowledge about the Sacco and Co-operative movement.
  3. Values altruistic service - willing to work pro-bono and flexible to the demands of the Sacco and willing to get their hands dirty.
  4. The candidate must demonstrate leadership skills, in this case area or community leaders will be highly preferred.
  5. Listens well and capable of making tough decisions when called to do so.
  6. Professional - brings experience to the team i.e. accounting, marketing, sales, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs or any other.
  7. Team player - works well with others and willing to cede their ground where necessary.
  8. Should not be involved in politics directly where political issues would pour over to the interest of the Sacco
  9. The candidate must meet board members eligibility criteria as laid out in Sacco by laws. By laws are available on the Sacco website.

Further the candidate must be willing to attend and actively participate in meetings that may last 3-5 hours when convened.

Due Dates...
The deadline for submission of applications has been extended to
June 3rd, 2018
Submit Your Application to:

Yours Sincerely,
Ralph Kilondu,

Board Secretary  

KUDS Candidates for Board and Supervisory Committee Elections

The Vetting and Nomination Committee as the body in charge of elections for the KUDS Sacco is proud to present the following candidates for the Board and Supervisory Committee. You have the power, as a Sacco member, to vote for men and women of your choice for leadership positions in the Sacco.

Below are the links to candidate’s statements with short videos of the same.
Candidates for the Board

  1. Eric Mwangi
  2. Charles Onchoke
  3. David Wanjiru
  4. Susan Matindi

Candidates for the Supervisory Committee

  1. Susan Matindi

For those who would like to send in a vote by email, please follow the below guidelines:
Vote-by- email: Early voting by email will be open for TWO (2) days ONLY starting at 6.00AM Eastern Standard Time - EST (US time) on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 and CLOSING on Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 6.00PM Eastern Standard Time - EST (US time) . Only current registered and active Sacco members who own the minimum required Sacco shares and have paid their membership fee are eligible to vote. The following information/details are required to vote by email and to validate your vote:

  1. SACCO Member ID Number.
  2. Full name of the member as listed in the SACCO register
  3. Email address member used to open SACCO account and at which member receives SACCO communications. Member’s email vote MUST be sent from the email address he/she uses to receive SACCO communications.
  4. Indicate the THREE (3) candidates you are voting for the Board and the ONE (1) candidate you are voting for the Supervisory Committee

Once your email vote is received, it will be vetted (i.e., checked to ensure that it complies with items 1a-d above), printed, and counted with those that will be cast at the AGM in Seattle.

Ungana na Sacco Ujijenge!
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