Savings Account

The Main Savings Account is the heart of your membership in the SACCO.

Main Savings is the Sacco core saving that every member must have in order to access all Sacco products and services while enjoying annual interest returns based on Sacco's profitability. A Main Savings account is NOT a deposit and withdrawing account like it is in a regular bank.

The objective of Main Savings account is to encourage regular uninterrupted savings for the purpose of building one’s long term savings for future use and development goals through cheap Sacco loans.

Thus the Main Savings account is according to Sacco by-laws, not easily withdrawable unless one is exiting membership.

Benefits of Main Savings Account:

  1. Opportunity to build a long term Savings for future use
  2. Access to cheap Sacco loans and other services
  3. Loan entitlement of upto 4 times your savings
  4. Use as loan collateral
  5. Annual interest returns based on Sacco's profitability

If you are looking to borrow money for an investment, buy or construct a residential house, take out a mortgage, purchase a plot, take out an education, emergency, holiday or other short-term loan to meet personal needs, then having a Sacco Main Savings Account where you make regular contributions will make you eligible for any of these loans and other financial products to reach your goals.

To qualify for a loan from the Sacco, you should be making a minimum contribution of KES 10,000 every month to your Main Savings Account. There is no maximum limit as to how much you can contribute at any one time.

The more money you contribute to your Main Savings Account, the bigger the loan you can qualify for. You will be eligible to borrow up to four times (x4) the amount you have saved in your Sacco Main Savings Account.


  1. Become a member of the Sacco and consistently contribute to your Main Savings for a minimum of 6 months before you apply for a loan. Find out what you need and the benefits of becoming a Sacco member.

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