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After 4 years of a mutually beneficial relationship between the Kenya-USA Diaspora Sacco and Premier Realty Limited, we have further partnered with them to offer a wider variety of lucrative and strategically located properties. The new properties are sort after a research on the local trends and informed by the needs of clients. They seek to take advantage of new and upcoming infrastructure development and economic growth in various parts of the country. The list below is not exhaustive, through our partnerships we continue to pursue investments opportunities that are advantageous to all our clients and tailored to meet their needs.


Miti-Mingi land is situated approximately 25kms from the Nairobi-Nakuru highway and touches the proposed Nakuru-Mau Narok bypass. From the said land you have a panoramic view of both Lake Elementaita and Lake Nakuru, and the Lake Nakuru National Park. It is also provides a beautiful view of the sleeping warrior hills giving it a scenic sunset view. With the commencement of the Nakuru-Mau Narok bypass construction, we expect the area to open up to more economic activities as this is the missing link between the Mara and Nakuru towns which are tourists’ destinations.

The parcel of land is subdivided into 1 acre plots and is Ideal for holiday homes, cottages, land banking and agriculture.

Affordable repayment plan of 10% deposit and balance in 3 months 

Price Kshs. 1,200,000

Chaka The Ruby

This is one of the gems of the Nyeri County. The land is strategically located in Chaka area of Nyeri county and only 2kms from the Nyeri- Nanyuki highway. The project is in the Eastern base of the Aberdare Ranges and the western slopes of Mt. Kenya therefore offering a 360 breathtaking view of a lifetime. This land is well developed with all the necessary amenities.
Land is subdivided into ½ (Half) acres plots with the following:

  1. Close proximity to Chaka ranch.
  2. 15kms to Nyeri town
  3. Water and electricity on site.
  4. Easy access with good roads.
  5. Shops and minimarkets nearby.
  6. Ideal for holiday homes
  7. Good for agriculture

Price Kshs. 1,500,000

Premier Mews Estate

The first step to constructing your desired home is to buy land in a strategic location that has the potential for growth both economically as well as property value. Premier Mews Estate provides such an opportunity because it is located in Korompoi area of Kitengela (Kajiado county).

The actual parcels of land are only 2.5Kms from the Nairobi – Namanga highway and are surrounded by many social amenities including universities like East African University, Kampala International University, RAF University and KAG University. With these developments, the land offers great prospects for investors who would like to be landlords to buy land and construct residential homes for the university community or even hostels for the students.

Premier Realty Limited have plans to build residential houses in the area for those interested in buying a ready home. Look out for the ground breaking...

The land is subdivided into ¼ acre plots and 1/8th acre plots with:

  1. Good access roads
  2. Serene environment and neighborhood
  3. Borehole water
  4. Electricity
  5. Gated community
  6. Excellent security in the area
  7. Ready title
  8. Good for residential or investment
  9. Ideal for construction of hostels

Prices Kshs. 950,000 for 1/8th acre plots
           Kshs. 1,800,000 for ¼ acre plots

Unicentre Complex

The growth of Nairobi city has led to the rapid expansion of its environs and nearby towns. Kitengela town is one such town that has benefited from this growth in the past 10 years thus making it a prime location for those looking to invest.  The town has metamorphosed to a cosmopolitan area with many social amenities hence surge in property demand leading to an increase in land prices.

Unicentre complex is a commercial property situated 6km from Kitengela town touching on Namanga highway and next to East African University. It presents a good opportunity for investments with guaranteed returns because of the urban nature of the place.
There are a couple of residential and commercial properties surrounding this project placing it right in the middle of a maturing environment. Also the proximity to the highway makes it convenient and very ideal for commuting. For one looking to invest with quick returns, then this is the right location.
The land is already approved for mix use including:

  1. A petrol station
  2. Commercial Centre
  3. Hostels and apartments

Land is subdivided into 1/8 acre plots with:

  1. A proposed Shopping complex
  2. Water
  3. Electricity.
  4. Good security
  5. Ideal for investment with quick returns
  6. Ready titles.

Price Kshs. 3,500,000

Cathy Estate

This is a well- developed estate situated 1km from the Thika super-Highway in Muigai-Inn area on Kenyatta road. The region consists of beautifully constructed homes with many social amenities in place like the Juja-City shopping mall. Given its proximity to the highway as well as the development around the plots, it makes the plots perfect for residential development.
Being a 40 minutes’ drive from the capital city, it then presents a convenient option for housing people working in Nairobi and its environs while allowing them to construct a tasteful home with a garden to enjoy the cool breeze and sunset.
Land is subdivided into 1/8 acre plots with:

  1. Piped Water
  2. Electricity
  3. Controlled development
  4. Good security and the place is fenced off with only one entry point
  5. Ideal for residential development

Price Kshs 1,800,000

Valley Veiw I & II

These projects are located in Kitengela area approximately 5kms from the Nairobi-Namanga road. Kitengela is part of the Nairobi metropolitan area with an urban population hence the plots are idea for residential development. They support the growth agenda of the city by offering affordable parcels of land in a rapidly growing location. 

The neighborhood has a good topography that allows for easy construction due to the availability of raw materials within close proximity. It is also well established with schools, universities, shopping malls, banks and health care facilities. There are many homes in this locality and acquiring land in either of the projects would guarantee you quick appreciation of the land value.

One could buy land for speculation or to build homes either for rental or to reside.

Land is subdivided into 1/8 acre plots with:

  1. Serviced road with murram.
  2. Excellent security in the area.
  3. Electricity on site.
  4. Gated community
  5. Ready titles.

Price Kshs. 350,000

Green Gold Nanyuki

Green Gold Nanyuki is a superlative residential project situated only 4km from the Nyeri-Nanyuki road. It over looks Mt Kenya and on a clear day one can see the top of the mountain. The plots are located in a rich agricultural environment with plenty of rainfall and good soil. They are also near shopping malls and a police post making it convenient and secure. The landscape and scenic view makes the land ideal for holiday homes or country homes. This project is a stone throw away from the proposed Swiss international hotel project.
Land is subdivided into ¼ acres and ½ acres plots with:

  1. Nearby Nanyuki airstrip.
  2. British army training unit.
  3. Cedar mall.
  4. Water and electricity onsite

Prices Kshs. 450,000 for ¼ acre plots
           Kshs. 800,000 for ½ acre plots

Kikuyu-Mutarakwa Bypass

The project is located in a dynamic fast growing area within the Kiambu County. It is 2kms from the Kikuyu-Mutarakwa bypass which runs from Thogoto via Gikambura, all the way to Mutarakwa. The Kikuyu Mutarakwa bypass, which is currently under construction, is the proposed designated route for trucks from Mombasa road connecting to Mai-Mahiu hence prospects for rapid expansion to cater for the growing traffic and commercial centers. It will connect with the southern bypass at Thogoto and linking Kwambira, Limuru Town, Banana and Ruaka.

Premier Realty Limited prudently identifies investment opportunities that its partners and customers will benefit from whilst taking advantage of the upcoming developments in an area. Mutarakwa being one of the emerging areas in Kiambu County will enable the customers seize the opening which will be as a result of this growth.

Land is subdivided into1/8 acre plots and ¼ acre plots with:

  1. Electricity
  2. Piped water on site
  3. Thogoto-Mutarakwa bypass
  4. Standard Gauge Railway line to Naivasha
  5. Ideal for land banking or agriculture

Price Kshs. 700,000 for 1/8th acre plots
         Kshs. 1,400,000 for ¼ acre plots

This is your chance to own a piece of land in Kenya
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