to Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco

Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco promotes investment opportunities and savings among Kenyans residing in the United States of America, so that they can have a reliable and organized way to invest, access to affordable credit, carry out projects, build businesses, or meet personal and family needs in Kenya. The Sacco was born out of needs and circumstances that Kenyans in the USA encounter everyday such as:

  • Banks that impose stringent financial requirements, which are not only cost prohibitive but make qualifications difficult.
  • Relatives and friends who often fail us by not executing our agreed upon instructions.
  • Unreliable means of investing our money back home.
  • Limited control and accountability of our investments and money in Kenya.

The Sacco will therefore provide a solution to the above and more of our financial and investment dilemmas.

As a member of Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco, you will reap the following benefits, and more:

1)  Access to an e-Sacco

This is an online system designed with you in mind to offer convenience, 24/7 accessibility, choice and resources you need to help you manage your account, finances and investment decisions in Kenya.

2)  Work with a dedicated Team

All members who join this Sacco become equal owners of the Sacco; and as such the current executive and committee members work for you and are answerable to you and will ensure accountability and transparency in all Sacco matters, guarantee that your money is safe and are willing to support and guide you.

3)  Enjoy customized and innovative products

From occasional needs to long-term goals, the Sacco products are designed with you in mind to help meet your unique needs and promote your financial well-being today, tomorrow and in the future. As the Sacco grows, we’ll be listening to you and innovating products that align with your goals and needs.

4)  Deal with a credible team of experts and professionals

As a member, you’ll have unlimited access to a compliant group of investment, financial and legal experts who will guide and advice you to ensure you’re in control of how and where you invest your money in Kenya.

Ungana na Sacco Ujijenge!

Events & Happenings

Kenya Diaspora Investment Conference 2015

You are invited to participate in the upcoming conference on 1st-2nd April Nairobi, Kenya. The Sacco is a participant and sponsor.

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Do You Need a Loan?

As a member, you can now access the KES 10B Sacco/KCB financing

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Product Launch

Sacco debuts 100 Acres Isinya/Konza Land Project to all members during the AGM on June 14 - Atlanta, GA

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Main Products

Main Savings

Is the heart of your membership. Enables you to qualify for loans of x5 times or x10 times your main savings

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Residential House Purchase Loan

Realize your dreams. Buy your house at home using this loan.

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Short-term & Personal Loan

I​s your friend in times of need. Save yourself worry ​and embarrassment from friends​

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Residential House Construction Loan

Build your dream home in Kenya that you and your family can live in​.

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